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Books of Progress / Raduga Publishers

The Progress / Raduga Publishers was a Moscow-based Soviet publishing house founded in 1931.
It specialised on output of the books translated into foreign languages.
The children's literature was only a part of its production.
They also published scientific, arts, political books, books for people
studying foreign languages, guidebooks and photographic albums.

Foxy tricks [Russian folk tales] / drawings by Y.Vasnetsov. -
Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1968.
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 Bianki, V. La primera caza / drawings by Vitali Bianki. -
Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1984.
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 The sun princess and her deliverer : Lithuanian folk tale /
 retold by Aldona Liobyte; translated by Irina Zheleznova; drawings by Albina Makunaite. -
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1980.

 Charushin, E. Why Tuppy doesn't chase birds / Evgeny Charushin. -
translated from Russian by Fainna Glagoleva, drawings by Evgeny Charushin. -
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1976.

Barto, A. Naughty little bear / Agnia Barto; drawings by Vladimir Suteev. -
Moscow : Progress, 1978.

Animal babies by Aleksey Laptev, Picture book in Hindi language, 1979
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Teryosha [Russian folk story] / retold by A.Tolstoy, drawings by Y.Korovin. -
Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1976.

Marshak, S. Whiskered little frisker / Samuil Marshak. - drawings by Vladimir Lebedev. -
Moscow : Foreign languages publishing house.
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Averenkov, Y. Whose is the sun / Yuri Averenkov. -
translated from Russian by Irina Zheleznova, drawings by Valentin Andrievich. -
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1973.

Marshak, S. The circus / Samuil Marshak; drawings by V.Lebedev. -
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1971.

The white deer : Latvian folk tale / drawings by Nikolay Kochergin. -
 Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1973.

Garshin, V. The frog went travelling / Vsevolod Garshin; 
translated from the Russian by Olga Shartse; drawings by Nikita Sharushin. - 
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1980.
The cock with the crimson comb : Karelian fairy tale. - 
drawings by K.Ovchinnikov. - Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1981.

Akimushkin, I. Rare animals / I.Akimushkin; 
translated from the Russian by Jan Butler; drawings by Nikita Charushin. - 
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1989.

 Makarova, T. The brave ant / Tatiana Makarova. - 
translated from the Russian by Fainna Glagoleva; drawings by Gennady Pavlishin. - 
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1977.

The sun sat down to sew a shirt : Lithuanian folk songs. - 
Moscow : Raduga Publishers, 1989.
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Kuprin, A. El elefante / Alejandro Kuprin; drawings by D.Borovsky. - 
Moscow : Progress, 1981.

The Daughter of the Moon and the Son of the Sun : tale of northern people. - 
drawings by G.Yudin - Moscow : Progress, 1976.

Chukovsky, K. Wash'em clean / Kornei Chukovsky; 
translated from the Russian by E.Felegenhauer; drawings by Y.Meshkov. - 
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1979.

Suslov, V. Who's the strongest? / Valery Suslov; 
translated from the Russian by Fainna Solasko; drawings by V.Trubkovich. - 
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1974.

Chukovsky, K. Cock-the-Roach / Kornei Chukovsky;
translated by Tom Botting; drawings by Olga Pushkaryova. -
Moskow : Raduga Publishers, 1989.

 Tokmakova, I. Rostik and Kesha / Irina Tokmakova. - 
translated from Russian by Raissa Bobrova; drawings by Lev Tokmakov. - 
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1973.
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Wash'em'clean (Moidodyr) by Korney Chukovsky in Spanish. 1974
Drawings by E.Meshkov

The young brother by Agnia Barto in Spanish. 1978
Drawings by T.Eryomina

The Progress Publishers stopped the existence after dissolution of the Soviet Union.


  1. Svetlana, hello! and oh my goodness - these are so beautiful! I love all the illustrations (and it's so nice to have the information too!) your blog is sesnational. have a gorgeous week, see you on here soon. he he. hugs, xo Kristina.

  2. Kristina! I am very glad that you are here!

  3. Thanks Svetlana, I didn't know this information. I was wondering how these wonderful books came to be so widely available in india!!! what a pity that the publishers cease to exist!
    Do you know I learnt about lenin through a wonderful book abt USSR at the age of 7?!!! Of course I had no idea about the real significance of learning about Lenin but the book was wonderfully illustrated. I still remember the last page .. it was in water colour and the picture was about a modern Russia- with airplanes in a distance and peasants working in the foreground!!!
    This is really cool! I only have one book left with me and its my most prized collection.
    Oh yeah! Sita and Gita!!! It was a fun film. :)

  4. Wow! This is just amazing! Bringing back all my childhood memories..

    1. Really
      I agree, my most favourite childhood memories too.And these books not avaiavle now

  5. Hi, Svetlana.
    I bought the book by Chukovski in spanish long time ago because there was a book sjop what sold the books of the USSR in Spain. I love Viv el agua y el jabón, for me, it's a very good book. But it's a real pity that i haven't bought the book of Marshak. Have you this book in ETSY?
    Greetings xosé Manuel

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi, Xose Manuel!
    I have the book in my shop
    It can be in Spanish as well.

  7. Do you know how to contact Raduga Publishers regarding publishing rights to one of their titles in English, Sketches of My Life by Natalya Sats? Thank you. Please email me at

    Patrick Mehr, Publisher
    Plunkett Lake Press

  8. hola, gracias por lo has publicado, recorde mi infancia llena de cuentos asi de bonitos gracias a mi madre.
    saludos y que todo le vaya bien.

  9. You can still get some of these books at

  10. May I give you some information, collected on the Beinecke Library site: Raduga was founded in 1921, and lasted till 1926-27.
    best regards

    1. Something is odd about these dates. I have a Raduga book from 1984, there are others listed online, and I just read that the publishing house closed down when the Soviet Union was dissolved. So around 1990.

  11. Hi Svetlana,

    My name is Didi, I am looking for a book called Bukhara: The Reminiscences by Sadridin Aini, it was published by Raduga Publishers. Do you know where I could buy the book or do you have info how I can contact the publisher? please email me at

  12. I want to buy all these books. Where I can buy these English copies of Soviet books? Please reply on