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Natalya Basmanova and Marina Basmanova

Кукушка : северные сказки / рисунки Н. Басмановой. 
- Ленинград : Детгиз, 1957. - 12 с.

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drawings by Natalya Basmanova

Лужайка / Е. Серова ; рисунки Н. Басмановой. 
- Ленинград : Художник РСФСР, 1985. - 20 с.

Ekaterina Serova, Natalya Basmanova

Славная осень : сборник стихов русских поэтов об осени / 
составитель Ванда Разова ; рисунки Н. Басмановой. 
- Ленинград : Детская литература, 1982. - 16 с.

drawings by Natalya Basmanov

Город мой над Невой : стихи / 
Сергей Скаченков ; рисунки М. Басмановой. 
- Ленинград : Детская литература, 1982. - 32 с.

Sergey Skachenkov, Marina Basmanova

Sergey Skachenkov, Marina Basmanova

Sergey Skachenkov, Marina Basmanova


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О суперобложке

«... Немногие знатоки могут оценить действительно хорошо сделанную книгу, большинство читателей только смутно ощущают ее исключительное качество. По-настоящему прекрасная книга и во внешнем оформлении должна быть не новаторской, а всего лишь совершенной.
     Только суперобложка позволяет дать волю фантазии в решении формальных задач. Хоть и не будет ошибкой оформить суперобложку в том же стиле, что и книгу, но она, как маленький плакат, должна бросаться в глаза, поэтому тут позволено многое из того, что в самой книге недопустимо. К сожалению, в наши дни из-за роскошных цветных суперобложек часто злостно пренебрегают настоящей одеждой книги – переплетом. Наверное, поэтому многие люди имеют скверную привычку сохранять суперобложку и в ней ставить книгу на полку. Я допускаю это только в том случае, если переплет очень убог или уродлив; суперобложки должны отправляться туда, куда и пачки от сигарет, – в корзину для мусора». 

Чихольд, Ян. Графика и искусство книги // Облик книги : Избранные статьи о книжном оформлении и типографике. - М., 2013. - С.16-17.

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Sergei Mikhalkov

The fragment of the article published 28 Aug 2009

Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov was born into an aristocratic family on March 13 1913 and educated in Pyatigorsk. He wrote poetry from childhood, but aged 17 he went to Moscow to work in a fabric factory. He also joined geological expeditions to eastern Kazakhstan.
By 1933, however, his poetry was selling well and he began to earn his living from writing. From 1935 to 1937 he studied at the Gorky Institute of Literature. During the war he served with the Red Army and worked as a war correspondent.
Mikhalkov's children's poems about "Uncle Styopa", an enormously tall police officer, have remained hugely popular in Russia since they first appeared in 1935, and are still learned in nursery schools.
Honours were heaped on him: he received three Stalin Prizes (1941, 1942 and 1950) and the Order of Lenin, and was appointed a Hero of Socialist Labour.
On Mikhalkov's 90th birthday in 2003 Putin visited him personally at his home to present him with the 2nd class Order for Service to the Fatherland; and last year the president admitted him to the Order of St Andrew – Russia's highest award – for his services to literature.
Mikhalkov, who was also a noted playwright, was a chairman of the Soviet Writers' Union, and took part in smear campaigns against other authors, including Boris Pasternak and Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Uncle Styopa by Sergei Mikhalkov
Drawings by David Dubinskiy

Uncle Styopa by Sergei Mikhalkov
Drawings by Korovin

Uncle Styopa by Sergei Mikhalkov
Drawings by Fyodor Lemkul

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Albina Makunaite

Distinguished Lithuanian graphic artist, Albina Makunaite (1926-2001). 
Makunaite was one of the first graduates of the postwar higher art school, 
who nurtured a distinct expression of graphic art - engraving on wood and linoleum. 
This generation of artists, quietly and persistently, breaking the stereotypes of Soviet art, 
started a new chapter in Lithuanian art. 

Makunaite also successfully distinguished herself by illustrating classic works of literature. 
The treasury of Lithuanian ethnic culture, which compellingly affects the national consciousness, 
served as a source of inspiration for the artist. 

illustrations, drawings by Albina Makunaite, book cover, Progress Publisher, horse,

The sun princess and her deliverer : Lithuanian folk tale / 
retold by Aldona Liobyte ; translated by Irina Zheleznova ; 
drawings by Albina Makunaite. - Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1980.

illustrated book, prince, fairy tale, raven, bookshop

illustration, book for children, spinning wheel, castle, fairy tale

illustrated book for children, castle, witches, fairy tale, Lithuania,

illustrated book, Prince and Princess, King and Queen, fairy tale;

illustration, book for children, fairy tale, Prince and Princess

Baba Yaga, fairy tale, illustration, horses, hut on chicken legs

fairy tale, illustration, horse, Prince