Thursday, February 28, 2013

Albina Makunaite

Distinguished Lithuanian graphic artist, Albina Makunaite (1926-2001). 
Makunaite was one of the first graduates of the postwar higher art school, 
who nurtured a distinct expression of graphic art - engraving on wood and linoleum. 
This generation of artists, quietly and persistently, breaking the stereotypes of Soviet art, 
started a new chapter in Lithuanian art. 

Makunaite also successfully distinguished herself by illustrating classic works of literature. 
The treasury of Lithuanian ethnic culture, which compellingly affects the national consciousness, 
served as a source of inspiration for the artist. 

illustrations, drawings by Albina Makunaite, book cover, Progress Publisher, horse,
The sun princess and her deliverer : Lithuanian folk tale /
 retold by Aldona Liobyte; translated by Irina Zheleznova; drawings by Albina Makunaite. - 
Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1980.
illustrated book, prince, fairy tale, raven, bookshop

illustration, book for children, spinning wheel, castle, fairy tale

illustrated book for children, castle, witches, fairy tale, Lithuania,

illustrated book, Prince and Princess, King and Queen, fairy tale;

illustration, book for children, fairy tale, Prince and Princess

Baba Yaga, fairy tale, illustration, horses, hut on chicken legs

fairy tale, illustration, horse, Prince

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  1. wow lots of symbolism in this book, loss of the horses (starvation of their emotional spirit); the fighting of the grandmothers (cults of religion suppression of the matriarchal pagan religions); introduction of the "reptilian clan" (the military); the Dionysus Greek men's cult (goats, maidens in white, fire in summer rituals)