Saturday, October 1, 2011

Evgeniy Charushin's works on postcards.

One of my favorite shops on ETSY is SharonFosterVintage.
Shop, where you can always find a large selection of Russian postcards.
Most of all I like the postcards with Evgeniy Charushin's works.
Evgeniy Charushin is the best Russian animal painter
and is my favorite children's books illustrator.

The crow. E.Charushin.

Illustration to the book "Free birds", 1929.

The duck with ducklings. E.Charushin.

The bear. E.Charushin.

Illustration to the book "Various animals", 1929.

The pup. E.Charushin.

For the first time this pup appeared in the book "Shaggy guys" in 1933,
where the drawing was tricolor and without the fir tree and the mushroom.

The pup
with a bone
. E.Charushin. 1933.

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  1. Svetlana,
    Thanks so much for the post. I love sharing these beautiful cards. E. Charushin is a remarkable artist.