Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vladimir Mayakovsky & Mikhail Skobelev

One more book that I love. 
I love to read Mayakovsky's poetry to my son, 
especially with such good illustrations.

Mayakovsky, V. What Shall I Be? / drawings by Mikhail Skobelev.
- Leningrad : Hudozhnik RSFSR, 1975. - 32 p.


  1. Looks amazing Svetlana! I think I might need to learn Russian! :) Have a gorgeous weekend! xo K

  2. Svetlana, I am delighted to have come across ur blog through the twitter account of kkconkers!

    I am from India and as a child I read so many Russian books translated in English as well as Hindi.
    Every year , in a smallish town of North India,there used to be book stalls filled with affordable Russian books in hard cover and paperback. I learnt about Ivan the terrible; read the Adventures of Denis a million times, even had a copy of A Live Hat book that is now posted by you on Etsy!!!

    You can't imagine how delighted and nostalgic I am to have come to your site!!!! Thanks a ton for putting these absolutely wonderful books up on the net.

  3. Pallavi, you are welcome!
    I am glad that you find my blog to be interesting.
    There were a lot of moments connected with India in my childhood. I remember the film "Zita and Gita" especially. Thank you for writing!

  4. Kristina! Russian is very difficult for learning. I would not be able to cope with it! :)

  5. There is english version for it in under the name what shall I be