Saturday, June 26, 2010

Noemi Mazruho & Samuil Marshak

The Tale of the Silly Little Mouse is one of the favorite tales by the popular Russian children's writer Samuil Marshak. It is about a baby mouse who will not go to sleep, even to its mother's lullabies. The desperate mama mouse brings in several other animals to sing to the mouse and unfortunately includes a hungry cat in the list of serenaders, who is all too successful at putting the baby mouse to sleep.

The tale of the foolish little mouse by Samuil Marshak. The book is one of my first books. I remember it from my childhood. One half of pages are colored, second half of pages are non-colored. Excellent book, excellent illustrations!

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  1. I love Samuil Marshak, but I prefer his boooks with Vladimir Lebedev