Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The fox in Russian book illustrations

Fox, Russian fairy tale, illustration
The Fox is a traditional character in Russian folk tales,
 she is portrayed as crafty but charming personage.

Foxy tricks, book cover, illustrated book for children, fairy tale, The sky has fallen. The fox and the wolf. Leechie-screechie. The oath.
Foxy tricks. Russian folk tales.
Drawing by Yuri Vasnetsov
Rare book, Lvov, Drawings by A.Vozny, Soviet books for children
 Illustration to Russian folk tale The little round bun (Kolobok)
 Lviv, 1985 year edition. Drawings by A.Vozny

The book of poetry by Sergey Yesenin
Drawings by N.Zakharzhevsky

The pup by Evgeny Charushin
For the first time this pup appeared in the book "Shaggy guys" in 1933,
where the drawing was tricolor and without the fir tree and the mushroom.
Lesson of politeness by Samuil Marshak 
Drawings by A.Georgievskaya

fairy tale Vasnetsov The Fox and the Hare
The Fox and the Hare
Drawing by Yuri Vasnetsov
The fox is crying because her ice house has melted.
he Girl and the Fox Sineva
The Girl and the Fox 
Drawing by N.Sineva
The Fox helps the girl to find home and meet her grandparents.
V.Sinani fairy tale
Artful hedgehog, 1960 year edition
Drawing by Vadim Sinani
Kolobok fox
Russian folk tale Kolobok
 Drawings by Igor and Kseniya Ershov

Zhiharka fox fairy tale folk
Russian folk tale Zhiharka Drawings by A.Eliseev

LullabyDrawing by Tamara Zebrova

Russian folk tale The girl and the fox
Drawings by V.Markin
Drawings by Boris Kalaushin
Drawings by Boris Kalaushin
Yuri Vasnetsov, book for children
Russian folk tale Kolobok
Drawings by Yuri Vasnetsov
Russian folk tale The fox and the Hare
Drawings by Francheska Yarbusova
Russian folk tale The fox and the crane
Drawings by Losin

Drawing by Kirill Ovchinnikov

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  1. Thank you, this is a lovely selection.

  2. I blogged about your post on animalarium... love your collection!

  3. there are times i have tears in my eyes browsing through your posts out of sheer nostalgia!This Fox! It is so much a part of my memories! I had this paperback book of Russian folk tales with wonderful illustrations such as these!
    Thank you svetlana, for reviving such wonderful memories.

  4. Pallavi, let me give you any book from my shop as present to New Year.

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